Bumblebee Services

Our specialty is in rehab and refresh services. We take your existing landscape and rebuild it to its original or better state. This could include new plants and mulch, repairing and creating new flower beds, adding and refreshing pathways whether gravel or pavers, cleaning up and brightening overgrown areas, salt tolerant gardens and plant designs, repairing or creating stonework which is boulders or stone borders and centerpiece features, pond and fountain cleanup, rebuilds and additions, raised flower bed additions and much more. Our goal is to make you proud of your outside space again.


Landscaping Service

Landscape design is both an art and a science. The artistic side of landscaping requires a keen eye for color, spacing, shape and overall design. By determining which plants, flowers, shrubs, and hardscapes will go together, we can build the most aesthetically pleasing design for your home. The scientific part of landscaping requires knowledge of which plant materials will thrive in each type of soil and climate. In our coastal climate, we must consider the salt tolerance of plants, their resistance to deer, drainage issues and lighting.

All of these elements are essential in a detailed landscape plan. It is also an important reason to hire someone who specializes in landscape design and installation to assist you in developing your dream outdoor space. We use our expertise and creativity to build customized designs suited to your property, lifestyle and interests.


Hardscaping Service

While landscaping offers natural beauty and an aesthetically pleasing environment, hardscapes are the non-living elements that require little to no maintenance and add a great deal of beauty and functionality to your home. Our hardscape services include installation of paver patios, paver walkways, pathways, stonework,  ponds and fountains. It is important to understand that hardscape designs can range from being elaborate to subtle. It all depends on your preference and the materials you choose. To help you decide, we will work with you to determine which features best suit your property, lifestyle and needs.


Water Features

Are you looking to transform your backyard into an Oasis? Bumblebee Property Services will design the perfect pond or fountain to work aesthetically within the landscape of your home. If positioned properly, these additions will provide visual and auditory beauty in multiple areas within the house as well as outside the home. Adding a water feature to your property is the first step to creating your own getaway. Even the smallest of spaces can contain a beautiful water feature.


Deer Control Services

As apart of our landscaping business, we offer a deer repellent service to protect your plants and keep your landscaping looking the way it was intended. We would spray your plant material monthly; using an organic mint smelling, non toxic deer repellent. Our spray works by scent and taste, and will dry clear on your plant material. The monthly cost is minimal compared to the damage a herd of deer can cause in one night.

Other Property Services

Living in a coastal climate of Northern Florida, we are all aware of how quickly the live elements of landscaping can grow and flourish. For this reason, Bumblebee Property Services offers service to maintain the beauty of your landscaped property. Additional services include plant care, weed control, over seeding, flower bed cleanup, leaf removal and mulching. We will meet with you to determine your needs and a timeframe for delivering these services.